• We have two kitchens, one is attached to the villa and another one is a stand-alone kitchen where the entire cooking is done.
    Guests have no access to this kitchen at any time. There is no access to the refrigerator of this kitchen due to fear of Covid spread.

  • We provide both veg and nonveg food in Breakfast, lunch, and dinner as per client requirements. In Breakfast along with Indian breakfast dishes, we serve Eggs preparations.
    Nonveg – Chicken preparation is served either at lunch or at dinner. We don’t serve nonveg food during both meals.

  • There is no compulsion for the guests to have food at Anmol. There are restaurants in Girivan resort.

  • We have two dining tables each with a capacity of 6, one is kept in the drawing-room and the other one in the dining area. So at any given time food can be served to 12 guests on dining tables.
  • Food is charged as per the order. There is no concept of per dish. We serve buffet lunch, dinner, and breakfast which is unlimited except dessert. Hence charges are flat and packaged with prior requests.
  • Guests can use the attached kitchen to heat milk for small babies on request.

  • The food will be served till 11.00 PM.